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EXFO is one of the top manufacturers of OTDRs. They have a well-deserved reputation for producing high quality test and analysis equipment that offers numerous features and advantages for technicians. If you're in the market for a top quality OTDR that can capably handle all of your optical fiber measurement, characterization, inspection and certification applications an EXFO OTDR should be one of your top choices. EXFO offers well-built equipment with a proven reputation for quality and reliability. Browse our selection of affordably priced EXFO OTDRs to find a model that suits your exact requirements.

OTDR Depot is your premier source for optical time domain reflectometers designed and manufactured by the world's leading test and analysis equipment manufacturers. Our partnership with ebay and top test equipment sellers allows us to provide you with a superior selection of new and used EXFO OTDRs for sale at very competitive and affordable prices. We know without a doubt that you're not going to find a more extensive selection of full-featured OTDRs or lower prices anywhere else.

View on eBay - EXFO Max715B OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with 7-inch Touch Screen


View on eBay - EXFO MaxTester 730C Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer MAX-730C-SM8-EA


View on eBay - EXFO MaxTester 730C Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer MAX-730C-SM8-OPM2-EA


View on eBay - EXFO EUI-91 89 SC FC Connector OTDR Adapter For ASX-100 ASX-110 FTB-150 MAX-710b


View on eBay - EXFO AXS-100-NS957-1 SM PM VFL Series Handheld Access OTDR READ


View on eBay - EXFO MAX-730C MaxTester SM iOLM OTDR MAX-730C-SM1-EA 1310 1550 Live


View on eBay - Exfo FOA-98 Fiber Adapter Cap LC Connector for Optical Power Meter/OTDR


View on eBay - EXFO OTDR Max-720C-SM1-EA IOLM - US Model


View on eBay - EXFO FTB-1 PRO FTB-720GV2-SM1-EA OTDR W/ NetBlazer Module.


View on eBay - EXFO Max715B OTDR Time Domain Reflectometer for Short Distance Fiber Testing


View on eBay - used 90% new, OTDR EXFO MAX-730B-M1 , with original bag, 1310/1550nm


View on eBay - OTDR - EXFO OX1-PRO-MI 1310/1550/1650 Optical Explorer


View on eBay - EXFO FTB-1-S2-8G OTDR iOLM FTB-720-23B-EA PM-1 FPSA 1310/1550 nm (SM)


View on eBay - Original EXFO MAX-715B-M1, MaxTester SM Fiber OTDR, 1310/1550nm, APC/SC, UPC/FC


View on eBay - Exfo Stylus Touchscreen Pen For OTDR MAX710B MAX-715B MAX -720C MAX-730C


View on eBay - Exfo FTB-LTC-B-1000-88-101 Launch Test Cable for FTB-7000 OTDR & FTB-200/500


View on eBay - EXFO Max715B Portable OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer 7" Touch Screen


View on eBay - EXFO OTDR Max-720C-SM1-Oi, OTDR & iOLM both ready, 1310/1550nm, 36/35dB, APC/SC


View on eBay - EXFO MAX-720 MaxTester SM MM MAX-720C-Q1-EA-EI 850/1300 1310/1550 OTDR iOLM QUAD


View on eBay - Exfo AXS-110 SM MM SingleMode MultiMode 850 1300 1310 1550 nm OTDR


View on eBay - EXFO AXS-110 Fiber Mini OTDR AXS-110-12CD-EI AXS 110 NICE

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